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Overview of Program Offerings

Our services foster greater equity and inclusivity in schools and provide leaders with equitable access to knowledge, skills, and opportunities to support all students.


We offer three main programs and services: 

A.B.E.L. (Administrators Becoming Effective Leaders) - Administrators often get trapped in a cycle of reaction and troubleshooting, putting out fires and responding to daily student and teacher needs that result in the inability to be proactive and carry out the overall school vision. OCI listens to their greatest needs and strategizes with them to create an action plan that prioritizes the implementation of their annual goals and multi-year vision. Our goal is to provide them with a comprehensive organizational analysis that identifies the school’s strengths and areas for growth.


Our Community, Our Collective: Organizational Analysis + Solutions - We aim to build capacity in educators through intentional PLCs designed as spaces for introspection and the cultivation of new habits, understandings, and practices. We create holding spaces in which participants are invited to show up as their full selves, and be fully heard and seen. This experience nourishes each educator, so that they can pour into their students’ lives from a full cup. The offering includes four sessions, each lasting for 1.5 to 2 hours. As we discover their school’s needs, we partner with them to customize the participants’ learning experience. (Some Session Topics include: The Role of an Administrator: Vision setting, Coaching, Reflective Leadership; Designing and Implementing Equity-Centered Programs, Institutionalizing Care and Wellness; Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Developing Authentic Partnerships with Youth; Cultural Responsiveness; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging; Organizational Change, Action Research.)


Educational Leadership Solutions: Customizable Programming - Based on our collective experience serving youth and families in schools and community based organizations, we bring a range of skills, expertise, and community connections. We collaborate with their leadership team to design an offering that fits their particular context, timeline, and budget needs.

A.B.E.L. (Administrators Becoming Effective Leaders)

Our Community, Our Collective: Organizational Analysis + Solutions

Educational Leadership Solutions: Customizable Programming


Our Path to Partnership

Discovery Process — We begin by learning about your school or organization’s needs and sharing all programming options that address your desired outcomes. We clarify the stakeholders, preferred timeline, and relevant logistics.


Proposal — We submit a draft proposal that outlines your programming options with the phases, timeline, and associated costs explained.


Work Agreement — You select the program that meets your needs and both parties sign a work agreement. Our partnership commences.


Consistent Check Ins/Status Updates — Throughout our partnership, we hold regular check-in sessions with an administrator or their designee to share learnings, progress, and next steps.


Final Report — At the conclusion of our work agreement, we provide a written report outlining the partnership and impact. 

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