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Our Community, Our Collective: Organizational Analysis + Solutions

As former administrators, we understand the demand on your time and the limited human and material resources available. Our Collective Impact listens to your greatest needs and strategizes with you to create an action plan that prioritizes the implementation of your annual goals and multi-year vision. You provide us access to the stakeholders in your community and we do the heavy lifting for you. We provide you with a comprehensive organizational analysis that identifies your school’s strengths and areas for growth. We offer tools to help you refine and share your vision, operationalize and track your progress towards goals, train and coach your teachers, engage families and members of your wider community, and make space for student voice and leadership. 


We begin with empathy work to understand your school’s current context and realities within which you are operating. We seek to engage as many stakeholders to understand the structures and dynamics at play in your school system, and your community’s pressing needs.


Synthesizing your stakeholder’s concerns and needs, we recommend a series of initiatives aimed at adjusting or introducing school practices, policies, and/or programming. 


We partner with you to actualize the interventions, and support you through the change management process.

Evaluation + Results

We monitor and evaluate progress towards goals and offer a mid-point analysis and final impact story.


As needed, we are available for ongoing coaching, troubleshooting, and supportive services to ensure the fidelity of the new initiatives.

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