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A.B.E.L. (Administrators Becoming Effective Leaders)

We aim to build capacity in educators, school leaders, and aspiring leaders through intentional professional learning communities designed as spaces for introspection and the cultivation of new habits, understandings, and practices. We create holding spaces in which participants are invited to show up as their full selves, and be fully heard and seen. This experience will nourish each educator, so that they return to their classroom or office able to pour into their students’ lives from a full cup.


This offering includes a series of workshops and/or ongoing coaching sessions. The workshop topics listed below are available as single sessions, in which you may select as many as you like to create the series. We also offer deeper dives, and one topic can be more thoroughly explored over the course of the sessions. As we discover your school’s needs, we partner with you to customize your participants’ learning experience. 

Session Topics:

  • The Role of an Administrator: Vision setting, Coaching, Reflective Leadership

  • Project Management: Setting Tasks 

  • ​Vision Planning and Goal Setting for Departments 

  • Designing and Implementing Equity-Centered Programs

  • Evaluating Co-Curricular Programs

  • Institutionalizing Care and Wellness

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Developing Authentic Partnerships with Youth

  • Learning, Communication & Collaboration: How to Run Effective Meetings and Obtain Consensus

  • Cultural Responsiveness 

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

  • Organizational Change, Action Research

  • Agency & Efficacy

  • Reimagining Discipline - Discipline Systems Review

  • Classroom and Behavior Management

  • Problem Based Learning (We can run professional learning communities for a small group or your whole staff. Participants bring problems of practice they are currently addressing: Ideas around Covid, lockdowns/school safety, fights, IEPs, instruction, dress code, DEI topics, etc.)

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